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The Reinvention of Sage Erickson

Published on July 2nd, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

Sage Erickson (USA), 23, has become one of the most recognizable surfers of her generation. Rising to the highest level of professional surfing, she logged two years on the Women’s ASP World Championship Tour (WCT), but ... Read More



Tom Carroll Asks For Your Support

Published on June 18th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

My first real experience with SurfAid was nearly 10 years ago after the Boxing Day tsunami in December 2004. It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. I had never seen that ability ... Read More



Dances with Sharks

Published on June 17th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

‘WORLD FIRST, WOMAN DANCES WITH TIGER SHARKS’ In a performance protest against the Australian shark cull and the global slaughter of sharks, a woman risks it all to dance on the sea floor with swarms of ... Read More

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 Griffin Colapinto (@griffin_cola) laying it down on the North Shore.  @noah_alani #lostsurfboards  RVCA Advocate @daveycathels frontside lip slide || photo @tbhphoto || @rvcasurf @rvca_aus #RVCAloha  @metal_jimmy's big shot in the new issue of @surfingmagazine. No, that's not Jimmy blowing tail on his Mayhem shaped RV model, it's Andrew Doheny. Metal Jimmy is the guy throwing horns in the Crocodile Dundee hat and ...Lost T-Shirt. #TeamLost #LostEnterprises  We jumped off a lot of things today. @gopro  By now, word is out that @tajamos has pulled out of the Pipe Masters. He snuck over to San Clemente a couple weeks back for a little nip tuck surgery on his shoulder. Over dinner and drinks he explained to us that in his 16 years on tour he had previously only missed one single event. Let that sink in. Considering the @asp season is a whopping 10 months long, Tajs incredible consistency comes across as Herculean as Lou Gehrig or cal Ripken. With the start of next season not 'till March, this little hiccup will make only two. Thanks TB for giving us so much for so long...., See you at Snapper!.
 Mason Ho in the ...Lost "Wright" flannel for Holiday '14. This style available @zjboardinghouse @wrv1967_vabeach @wisesurfboards @windoverwaterboardshop @vanguardsurfskate @usscatalyst @tillys @swelldotcom @thesurfstation #SurfAndSkateSurfShop @surfhut @surfsidesports @sundiegoboardshops @southswellei @heritagesurfsic @catalyst_sc @reddogsurfshop @oneillsurfshop @heritagesurfoc @nomadsurfshop @motorhelmets @superdeportes @catalystmb @mauinix @heritagesurfmgt @wrv1967_kittyhawk @jackssurfboards @inflightsurfshop @hsssurf @hobiesurfshop @hanger94 @fellspointsurf @dukeduchess @divensurf @catalystcb @coastaledge @bravesurf @adventuresportsmaui #lostclothing #LostEnterprises.com  So excited to be in the new @gopro book. Love working with such amazing people. 1/3 of proceeds are going to GoPro's charity initiatives.  Fine curves and quiver for Conor Willem this winter. @wheres_willem @ward_army #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards  @koloheandino62 and some good ol' fashion power surfing.  @noah_alani #SubBuggy  Danny Fuller @dannyfuller composing a frame during one of his full moon photographic outings, shooting with his medium format Hasselblad film camera. He does long exposure landscapes that create an incredible abstract mood. This moment was at the Ke Iki shore break a short walk from the RVCA house at Off the Wall just a little past midnight. Shortly after the sky went black and it started pouring rain. || photo & words @keegan_gibbs, from Hawaii 2012 || @rvcasurf #RVCAloha
 What do you think about while sitting out the back during a solo session? @gabrielmedina contemplates back flips, futbol, & women. #LiveTheSearch Photo: @stugibson  @wheres_willem and his New Jersey Co-horts @ward_army have their priorities straight. In a sea of surf culture banality, these guys make me smile.  Free floating #MyBikini Monday @bethanyhamilton Photo: @trentmitchellphoto  @dillonperillo_ with everything that's necessary. #SurfingIsEverything  Another #mybikini post. Sorry but It's #mybikini week!!! @ripcurl_aus
 Contest is on hold. So thankful I get to stay at this amazing house over looking Honolua Bay. Go to @greg_burns_luxury_real_estate to check it out!!!! #102honolua @dylanpayne  @dunekennings rail game = expert photo: @coryscottimagery @billabong_newzealand  Win a year's supply of bikinis! By tagging @ripcurl_aus and where your bikini has taken you! #MyBikini takes me to...#Fiji  Morning swims. This place is so beautiful.  RVCA Advocate @mahinaalexander wearing the Wanted Muscle in Montauk (in-store now) #BABESinMTK @rvca @rvca_womens #rvcawomensaus
 Rise and Shine  RVCA proudly welcomes West Australia's @jay_davies to the fold || Photo @tbhphoto || #jaydavies #RVCAloha @rvcasurf @rvca  ANP Artist Barry McGee at Bolinas, his second home || photo @delonbone || @rvca_vasf @rvcasurf #artistnetworkprogram #barrymcgee  Mason Ho x Spin Cycle x Rocky Point.  @riordanpringle @cocom4debarrelkilla #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards #burgerinparadise.com  Thanks to everyone that entered our #benjaminjeanjeangiveaway and congrats to @pk_ for winning! @benjaminjeanjean @desillusion @rvcasurf @rvca_europe @tannersurfboards #rvca #artistnetworkprogram
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