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The Reinvention of Sage Erickson

Published on July 2nd, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

Sage Erickson (USA), 23, has become one of the most recognizable surfers of her generation. Rising to the highest level of professional surfing, she logged two years on the Women’s ASP World Championship Tour (WCT), but ... Read More



Tom Carroll Asks For Your Support

Published on June 18th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

My first real experience with SurfAid was nearly 10 years ago after the Boxing Day tsunami in December 2004. It was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. I had never seen that ability ... Read More



Dances with Sharks

Published on June 17th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

‘WORLD FIRST, WOMAN DANCES WITH TIGER SHARKS’ In a performance protest against the Australian shark cull and the global slaughter of sharks, a woman risks it all to dance on the sea floor with swarms of ... Read More

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 Follow @rvcasurf for our @zaknoyle #wedgetakeover || Zak will be spending a day at the Wedge in Newport Beach, CA covering a 15ft+ excepted swell that's supposed to hit || here's one he shot yesterday evening as the swell was building || #RVCAlifornia #thewedge  Game recognize game. @GabrielMedina and @KellySlater show mutual respect after one of the greatest barrel riding duels in history at the #BillabongProTahiti. #SurfingIsEverything | photo: @TedGrambeau @ASP  Stand and celebrate. @gabrielmedina rises up to victory in a historic week of waves at the #BillabongProTahiti. Congrats Gabs! #SurfingIsEverything | photo: @asp/Kirstin  LEGENDS ---> RVCA Founder @pmtenore @kellyslater & #steverocco || #surf #skate #create || #balanceofopposites  Keeper @dinoadrian || Rinsing off dust in the west || Repost @tracksmag
 VIDEO DAYS  the scooter gang taking a break.  All eyes on Ry....A little something going on today for @rissmoore10 with @mbarker77 , #JP_Olson and the legendary #CRstecyk. Finished product coming soon.  New ...Lost "Safe Haven" long sleeve knit for Fall '14. #lostenterprises #lostclothing  Kolohe Andino wins his round 3 heat in Tahiti with a heat score of 18.10. @koloheandino62 @mayhemb3_mattbiolos @lostsurfboards #lostsurfboards  Boo! Home made coffee scrub...... I made him☺️ @jackfreestone
 Special Edition Artist REMIO @rrremio ALL OVER !!! || tees and tanks available now at RVCA.com or a store near you || #REMIO  Eric De Souza inside out in Indo. Photo: @revista_surfar @e_dsouza #lostenterprises  Tristan Rennie at Fremont Skatepark. Photo: @radballs @tristanrennie #lostenterprises  A big congrats to 14-year-old @lukes_gordons for taking an impressive 3rd place and making the #VansECSC Pro Junior final in Virginia Beach today. #SurfingIsEverything | Photo: @msmolowe  Mason Ho happy in Hawaii. @riordanpringle @cocom4debarrelkilla #lostenterprises #lostclothing #lostsurfboards
 the uncle derek griiind  @riordanpringle  Well that was a special day of surfing, there in Tahiti. Wow. Crazy that it would never make it on SportsCenter. They just have no idea.! Anyways, not sure how those guys come down from that high, but now it's time for Trestles....and we have been getting ready. Here's a rack full for a few ....including last years winner, @tajamos , as well as @koloheandino62 , ( who had a solid run in Tahiti, @rissmoore10 , @travislogie and #AdamMelling.  Weekend reminiscing #MyBikini Monday @alanarblanchard | photo: @davidmandelbergstudio  This limited run of dreamy domestics is dropping tomorrow. R.V.s and LazyToys, glassed in collaboration with #MoonlightGlassing. Laminated by @nspeier , these beauties are a nice combo of neon bright , but still some white...and of course plenty light. Thanks to @chris_christenson73 being so accommodating.  Saturday Instructions: suit up, paddle out, #livethesearch. @jettschilling knows the drill. #SurfingIsEverything | photo: @steve_mo_money
 New "Lost Island" woven shirt for Fall '14. #lostclothing #lostenterprises #lostatsea  @nestorjudkins #industry #order #east || @jeremy_leabres #nature #chaos #west || #VΛ #balanceofopposites Last Call to win $400 in RVCA product. Upload an original photo that you think best describes "The Balance of Opposites" with the hashtag #balanceofoppositescontest & @rvca || We will announce the winner on 8/27/14.  Up close, and personal, with a couple boards from the #moonlightglassing collaboration collection. R,V. and LazyToy. They be goin' quick. Lamination by @nspeier...on loan from @chris_christenson73 good stuff!  Stand tall - no need to stall. @mfanno traveling through his Rd. 1 heat last week. Will we see more of this later today? #SurfingIsEverything | photo: @tedgrambeau @asp  RVCA Advocate Kala Alexander @kaladacaptain getting to close for comfort with a #tigershark, for Discovery Channels #SHARKAGEDDON episode on #SHARKWEEK || visit RVCA.com for the youtube link to the full episode || @rvcasurf @rvcasport
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