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Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

SUBWAY® SUMMER SURF SERIES PUTS AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR SURFING ON A NEW WAVE Junior surfing in Australia is riding a new wave of support with today’s announcement of the Subway® Summer Surf Series. Organised by Surfing Australia, ... Read More




Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

SNOW GODDESS RETREATS A “Girls Only” Snow holiday unlike any other! We offer the chance to spark your spirit of adventure, get inspired, master or develop your snow skills and enjoy a fantastic winter vacation in ... Read More


saltmotion paige

Goodbye Fiji hello Cali

Published on June 5th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

Goodbye Fiji hello Cali Paige Hareb bids Fiji farewell & readies for California Some of the World Tour Women openly showed their emotions of nerves and anxiety while others kept their poker face, most of the ... Read More

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 RVCA proudly welcomes West Australia's @jay_davies to the team || photo @tbhphoto || #jaydavies #RVCAloha @rvcasurf @rvca_aus  Guessing not many Haoles get to choke hold Hawaiians. Fun time horsing around with the one and only @cocom4debarrelkilla for @lost9193 Spring2015 catalog shoot.  @rvcasurf advocate Davey Cathels @daveycathels on rail in Hawaii || Captured by Tom Hawkins @tbhphoto || @rvca  Regram from @rvcaskate || @kevinspankylong getting pitted in London on the #RAINORSHINEUK tour || photo @jbradford_photo || @rvca_europe  @ripcurl_aus #mybikini
 Raise the bar in the #FlashBomb Zip Free like Brad Flora (@florezzz_). The last stop of our West Coast #DemoTour with @cisurfboards takes us to Pacific Beach, San Diego TOMORROW from 8am-12pm. Try the #WorldsFastestDryingWetsuit, the #SearchGPS watch, and the latest CI surfboard models. @southcoastsurf #SurfingIsEverything Photo: @steve_mo_money  On my way to Maui today for the last contest of the year. This was a few years ago. Pretty exited to go back....... I got lipped in my head at the end of this wave  Summer is cyclone season in New Zealand, this is what cyclone Freda offered us last season lets hope we get more of this, this summer!! Photo: @coryscottimagery #wherethewavesat #cycloneseason #summer  Alex Knost @knostthankyou on a fun sunny day in front of the RVCA house at Off The Wall a few years back || photo @keegan_gibbs || #RVCAloha @rvcasurf  RVCA Advocate @beaufoster in the new @benjaminjeanjean x @desillusion hoodie || available at RVCA.com or a shop near you || photo @pierredavid || @rvcasurf @rvca_europe #artistnetworkprogram
 @BrianPatch up in the rafters on the old …lost vert ramp. Photo: Dan Bourqui #lostenterprises  pre surf boogie  There's tests groms face as they rise through the ranks and grow as surfers. One test is to pull in when the opportunity arises. 11-year-old @jettschilling passing with flying colors. #SurfingIsEverything Photo: @blakemichel_  My yard boy, AKA dad.  Off the Wall photographed by RVCA Advocate @zaknoyle || @rvcasurf #RVCAloha #offthewall
 Cory Lopez launching along the 7 Mile Miracle.  @noah_alani #lostsurfboards  Three little monsters headed to Monster Island and into the hands of the Original Monstar, @psycho_ward137. Art by @search4shin.  Cheeseburger in flight and paradise.  @donovan.bacalso @burgerinparadise #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards  New ...Lost 'Fast Freddie', 'Hurricane' and 'Rag Cam' hooded fleece for Holiday 2014. These styles available @aframesurfshop @barewiressurf @bravesurf @coastaledge @catalystcb @divensurf @emeraldcity88 @fariassurfsport @fellspointsurf @flyingpointsh #freetoridesurfshop @hanger94 @heritagesurfmgt @hobiesurfshop @hsssurf @jackssurfboards #thelocalgentry @mainbeachsurf @mckevlinssurfshop @catalystmb @missionsurf @superdeportes @mollybrownsswim @motorhelmets @heritagesurfoc @petesmithssurfshop @piersurfnj #PlazaSurfAndSport @razorreef @catalyst_sc @heritagesurfsic @secretspot @7thstreetsurfshop @southswellei @sundiegoboardshops @surfsidesports @swelldotcom @tropicalrush @usscatalyst @wavelines @wrv1967_vabeach @westcoastsurfshop @windoverwaterboardshop @wrv1967 #lostenterprises #lostclothing  Man sized quiver of pint sized boards for todays birthday boy. Happy number 14 @noahbeschen here's a lucky 7.
 Chewy hurt his paw this morning so I had to carry him back. Yes he is a real princess.  The @mattleines Tiger Tee from our latest ANP Throwback T-Shirt Collection || get em now at RVCA.com or a store near you, link in bio @rvca || #rvca #mattleines #artistnetworkprogram  Dream world. @ripcurl_usa #mybikini  Blair Mandall (@blairmandall) twisting near the Tweed Heads.  @simsurf #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards  Danny Mayer (@mayerinated) mid 360 varial.  @plronchetti #lostenterprises
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