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Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

SUBWAY® SUMMER SURF SERIES PUTS AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR SURFING ON A NEW WAVE Junior surfing in Australia is riding a new wave of support with today’s announcement of the Subway® Summer Surf Series. Organised by Surfing Australia, ... Read More




Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

SNOW GODDESS RETREATS A “Girls Only” Snow holiday unlike any other! We offer the chance to spark your spirit of adventure, get inspired, master or develop your snow skills and enjoy a fantastic winter vacation in ... Read More


saltmotion paige

Goodbye Fiji hello Cali

Published on June 5th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

Goodbye Fiji hello Cali Paige Hareb bids Fiji farewell & readies for California Some of the World Tour Women openly showed their emotions of nerves and anxiety while others kept their poker face, most of the ... Read More

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 Dreaming of Fiji #MyBikini Monday @alanarblanchard @nikkivandijk | photo: @davidmandelbergstudio  @tristanrennie backside air over the channel at Bellmar's.  @ruspixphoto @radballs #lostenterprises  Lunch on the lake. Late season solitude with @marclindblad @tajlindblad Ry, Sawyer and Riv  Congrats to @jeremy_leabres on his sick new @toymachine x @thrashermag part || view now on Thrashermag.com || photo @karpinsk || @rvcaskate #jeremyleabres #thereeducationofjeremyleabres  Live in the sunshine #AlanasFallFavorites @alanarblanchard | Photo: @trentmitchellphoto
 ManShow, contemplating what it all means.  Water, Earth, Man || photo by RVCA Advocate @zaknoyle || #VΛ #balanceofopposites  Its Sunday. Find your happy place.  'When You Sleep' a collection of new works by @melgrisa spends it's last day today at the RVCA #cornergallery || visit 82 Stanley St, Collingwood to view the works @mildmanners_ @thetrueeast @rvca #RVCA @rvca_womens #rvcawomensaus  Quentin Turko (@quentin_turko) getting a first taste of Hurricane Gonzalo yesterday.  @mattlusk #lostenterprises #hurricanegonzalo
 Love going through old photos and finding good memory's. My pattern in crime @bethanyhamilton and Mr. Rat and Coco the Mouse doing a photo shoot. #iwasdifferent  Sunset Beach this morning. Think it's swell from a hurricane or something.  @riordanpringle @lost9193 @etnies @arnette @bodyglove53 @mayhemb3_mattbiolos  Tiger Shark Attack today. First hand account by Father of the Year Kaleo Roberson: "I thought about what I would do in this situation my whole life and when it all slows down, instinct kicks in. Thank God I saw the water splitting from 15 feet away, by the time I saw the shark, all I could see was a huge mouth 3-4 feet in diameter, in under one second I turned sideways and pushed my board in its mouth, one hand on Justin, one hand on my board in the Tiger's mouth. I had no choice but to do what any father would do- fight this shark. Now it's still right there- I swung my board hitting it twice. I will never forget when it turned away it hit me with its tail. Thank God my three sons made it in safe." Glad everyone is ok Kaleo @robersonbrothers  Knoxville Lumberjacks @prigussport Mascot by ANP Artist @jeffmcmillanart || If you're in the SoCal area check out the mascots and paddles of #prigussport this Saturday night at the @asissued art show in Costa Mesa, 7-10PM || #artistnetworkprogram #prigus  Ohhh snap. @ripcurl_brazil #mybikni
 New ...Lost "Finagle" long sleeve flannel for Holiday '14. #lostenterprises #lostclothing #flannel  The Moche #RipCurlPro Portugal saw big punts, barrels, and upsets earlier today. @gabrielmedina now sets his sights on Pipeline to capture his maiden World Title. #VivaMedina Photo: @ASP/Poullenot  Yet another lay day has been called at the Moche #RipCurlPro Portugal. Here’s to hoping Supertubos delivers like this when the comp’s back on. #SurfingIsEverything  ...and the metal welding art of the week goes to... this piece by @toddswelds34 #lostenterprises  A typical day in Huntington Beach, CA captured by ANP Artist Ed Templeton @tempster_returns || view more of Ed's photos at the @deadbeatclub zine release & art show this Friday in Long Beach, CA, more info on our blog || #edtempleton #dailyhbpierphoto #artistnetworkprogram
 Bells Beach, JBay, & now add Supertubos to @mfanno's 2014 victory list. The world title race just got a whole lot more exciting with both @gabrielmedina and MF sitting #1 & #2 heading into the showdown at Pipe. #SurfingIsEverything | Photo: @asp / Poullenot  @tajlindblad take the leap, as @marclindblad and the little Rats look on.  Mason Ho keeps it casual despite the chaos ahead.  @riordanpringle @cocom4debarrelkilla #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards #masonho  Yewwh! It's Saturday, time to score some waves!  pipeline sunset
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