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Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

SUBWAY® SUMMER SURF SERIES PUTS AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR SURFING ON A NEW WAVE Junior surfing in Australia is riding a new wave of support with today’s announcement of the Subway® Summer Surf Series. Organised by Surfing Australia, ... Read More




Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

SNOW GODDESS RETREATS A “Girls Only” Snow holiday unlike any other! We offer the chance to spark your spirit of adventure, get inspired, master or develop your snow skills and enjoy a fantastic winter vacation in ... Read More


saltmotion paige

Goodbye Fiji hello Cali

Published on June 5th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

Goodbye Fiji hello Cali Paige Hareb bids Fiji farewell & readies for California Some of the World Tour Women openly showed their emotions of nerves and anxiety while others kept their poker face, most of the ... Read More

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 ANP artist @kevinancell customizing RVCA advocate Dustin Barca's @barcalive new suit in Hawaii | | Photo: @tbhphoto | | @rvca @rvcasurf #RVCAloha  The RVCA That'll Do Oxford Button Up || #rvca #balanceofopposites  Mason Ho in the ...Lost "Wright" flannel for Holiday '14. This style available @zjboardinghouse @wrv1967_vabeach @wisesurfboards @windoverwaterboardshop @vanguardsurfskate @usscatalyst @tillys @swelldotcom @thesurfstation #SurfAndSkateSurfShop @surfhut @surfsidesports @sundiegoboardshops @southswellei @heritagesurfsic @catalyst_sc @reddogsurfshop @oneillsurfshop @heritagesurfoc @nomadsurfshop @motorhelmets @superdeportes @catalystmb @mauinix @heritagesurfmgt @wrv1967_kittyhawk @jackssurfboards @inflightsurfshop @hsssurf @hobiesurfshop @hanger94 @fellspointsurf @dukeduchess @divensurf @catalystcb @coastaledge @bravesurf @adventuresportsmaui #lostclothing #LostEnterprises.com  So excited to be in the new @gopro book. Love working with such amazing people. 1/3 of proceeds are going to GoPro's charity initiatives.  Fine curves and quiver for Conor Willem this winter. @wheres_willem @ward_army #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards
 On my way home for the holidays. Its almost Thanksgiving and with everyone traveling right now, I wanted to give all my awesome fans who haven’t signed up for Uber, a $20 free ride so you can get safely to were you’re headed during the holiday festivities. Links in my bio!! Love you guys!  @tylerwright laid down some hammers today at the TargetPro. Two 9-Plus rides and the highest heat total of the day. Her and @maliamanuel both skipped to R3, while @rissmoore10 and @xococoho both get to surf perfect waves with only one other person, again, when the contest resumes.  What do you think about while sitting out the back during a solo session? @gabrielmedina contemplates back flips, futbol, & women. #LiveTheSearch Photo: @stugibson  @wheres_willem and his New Jersey Co-horts @ward_army have their priorities straight. In a sea of surf culture banality, these guys make me smile.  Free floating #MyBikini Monday @bethanyhamilton Photo: @trentmitchellphoto
 D.J. Wood (@papaw00d) cruising through a crystal clear cavern.  @jeffjohnson_beyondandback #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards  Intentions were made clear earlier today at the #MauiPro. With a near 19-point heat total, @tylerwright is ready to chase her maiden World Title. #GoTyler Photo: @asp | @kirstinscholtz  Contest is on hold. So thankful I get to stay at this amazing house over looking Honolua Bay. Go to @greg_burns_luxury_real_estate to check it out!!!! #102honolua @dylanpayne  @dunekennings rail game = expert photo: @coryscottimagery @billabong_newzealand  Win a year's supply of bikinis! By tagging @ripcurl_aus and where your bikini has taken you! #MyBikini takes me to...#Fiji
 Pat Duffy (@pduffplanb) backside nose blunt/Burnside. Photo: PED #LostEnterprises  Buenos Noches (12 hours after the previous post )  Rise and Shine  RVCA proudly welcomes West Australia's @jay_davies to the fold || Photo @tbhphoto || #jaydavies #RVCAloha @rvcasurf @rvca  ANP Artist Barry McGee at Bolinas, his second home || photo @delonbone || @rvca_vasf @rvcasurf #artistnetworkprogram #barrymcgee
 Lots of fun new stuff in the works for 2015.  Griffin Colapinto (@griffin_cola) laying it down on the North Shore.  @noah_alani #lostsurfboards  RVCA Advocate @daveycathels frontside lip slide || photo @tbhphoto || @rvcasurf @rvca_aus #RVCAloha  @metal_jimmy's big shot in the new issue of @surfingmagazine. No, that's not Jimmy blowing tail on his Mayhem shaped RV model, it's Andrew Doheny. Metal Jimmy is the guy throwing horns in the Crocodile Dundee hat and ...Lost T-Shirt. #TeamLost #LostEnterprises  We jumped off a lot of things today. @gopro
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