Locals Only

Published on July 11th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

Locals Only is a short film by Dru Adler, staring his stuntwoman wife Angie Adler who also happens to be a really good surfer! Its a pretty funny but will also make you think twice about dropping in ... Read More



Mali in Bali

Published on June 17th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

An oldie but a goodie Malia Manuel shredding though Bali... Read More

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 Things just got a little more clear. #hero4 #gopro  Found some mini hippos at the beach yesterday.  Under the radar but well within contention. @mfanno backdoored this left en route to victory yesterday at the Moche #RipCurlPro Portugal, shifting all eyes on Hawaii. #SurfingIsEverything Photo: @asp/Poullenot  Dreaming of Fiji #MyBikini Monday @alanarblanchard @nikkivandijk | photo: @davidmandelbergstudio  Water, Earth, Man || photo by RVCA Advocate @zaknoyle || #VΛ #balanceofopposites
 Kyle Berard (@kyleberard) on the cover of the current issue of @lowcardmag  @tadashiphoto #lostenterprises  @rvca_vasf gallery presents OPEN LIGHT, a solo show and window installation by ISAAC LIN @tinwei and new in store photos by Matthew Bajda || Opening reception is October 24th 2014, 6-9pm || #isaaclin #matthewbajda #artistnetworkprogram  New "Grom" template, in conjunction with @futuresfins coming in early 2015. Small, flexy and forgiving fun...for all you little ones.  ManShow, contemplating what it all means.  Sunset Beach this morning. Think it's swell from a hurricane or something.  @riordanpringle @lost9193 @etnies @arnette @bodyglove53 @mayhemb3_mattbiolos
 Tonight (Australia time) @rvca_aus presents REMIO Subconscious Rumours at the #cornergallery from 5-8pm || @rrremio #REMIO #subconsciousrumours || RVCA Corner Gallery, 82 Stanley Street, Collingwood, Australia  Sunset beers, @coronaextra_au Mexican Fare #LaCantinaCo and good times @goodday_co for the RVCA x SA brand night  Mason Ho flipping out in the 50th anniversary issue of @surfingmagazine.  @tony_heff @cocom4debarrelkilla #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards  Love going through old photos and finding good memory's. My pattern in crime @bethanyhamilton and Mr. Rat and Coco the Mouse doing a photo shoot. #iwasdifferent  The Moche #RipCurlPro Portugal saw big punts, barrels, and upsets earlier today. @gabrielmedina now sets his sights on Pipeline to capture his maiden World Title. #VivaMedina Photo: @ASP/Poullenot
 REMIO IS HERE || Tonight is the opening reception to SUBCONSCIOUS RUMOURS, a collection of new works by Remio || 5pm to 8pm tonight at the RVCA Corner Gallery, 82 Stanley Street, Collingwood @mildmanners_ @rrremio @thetrueeast #cornergallery @rvca  #subconsciousrumours @rrremio Melbourne unofficial || And official tomorrow night at The Corner Gallery in Collingwood, from 6pm. Be there or be lame || @mildmanners_ @rvca #thebalanceofopposites PS Don't be lame.  Fall in Cali. What's not to love? #LiveTheSearch | photo: @steve_mo_money  Bells Beach, JBay, & now add Supertubos to @mfanno's 2014 victory list. The world title race just got a whole lot more exciting with both @gabrielmedina and MF sitting #1 & #2 heading into the showdown at Pipe. #SurfingIsEverything | Photo: @asp / Poullenot  @tajlindblad take the leap, as @marclindblad and the little Rats look on.
 Nikita Pandelos (@nikitapandelos) slipping under an Outer Banks lip during Hurricane Gonzalo.  @clubmedsucks #lostenterprises #hurricanegonzalo  RVCA Advocate @jeremy_leabres cold chillin' in the new #RVCA Promzer Sweatshirt in Grey Noise || shop our latest fleece & hoodie collection at or a store near you & check out Jeremy's new @toymachine part on || @rvcaskate #balanceofopposites  "Haven't you ever seen a fish in the barrel?" Kyle Calandra (@kcalandra1017) following his friend somewhere in New Jersey. @ward_army #wardarmy  @tristanrennie backside air over the channel at Bellmar's.  @ruspixphoto @radballs #lostenterprises  Lunch on the lake. Late season solitude with @marclindblad @tajlindblad Ry, Sawyer and Riv
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