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Locals Only

Published on July 11th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

Locals Only is a short film by Dru Adler, staring his stuntwoman wife Angie Adler who also happens to be a really good surfer! Its a pretty funny but will also make you think twice about dropping in ... Read More



Mali in Bali

Published on June 17th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

An oldie but a goodie Malia Manuel shredding though Bali... Read More

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 holy shit go check out @ilovetables new clip @ stabmag.com hes ruling  New ...Lost "Palms" tee for Fall '14. #LostClothing #LostEnterprises #LostAtSea  One more of the Cheetahs for good measure.  Salty, sandy and sun-kissed #Mybikini Monday @aleguilmant | photo: @davidmandelbergstudio  We wanna show the world how hard you rip. The boys have started a new Insty page @lostagramsurf . Dedicated to posting shots and vids of every day surfers on ...Lost Surfboards. Look good for the chicks ... Score bragging rights with the boys....Just email your images to lostagramsurf@gmail.com be sure to include the model and dims. Oh yea, and follow @lostagramsurf as well.
 Women's surfing is looking bright.... Ain't the right.....Clearly demonstrated by @tylerwright ( Today at The US Open. Photo poached from @asp  Honestly, does it get any better than this? #livethesearch  Raglan perfection  @coryscottimagery #perfectlefts  I'LL FULFILL YOUR DESIRES FOR YOU by RVCA Advocate @keegan_gibbs || see more of Keegan's work and photos of his new studio in Malibu, CA at RVCA.com  Why do we Search? Simply, for this | #SurfingIsEverything
 The RVCA Clocktower Backpack from our Fall 2014 Backpack/Bag collection || available now at RVCA.com or a store near you || #rvca #balanceofopposites  Mason making heats this morning at the #USOpenOfSurfing. Onto round 2. @cocom4debarrelkilla #LostEnterprises #LostClothing #LostSurfboards  My wife and I were taking turns with the camera during our three days at the game Reserve. Now that we are finally going through the shots, she is laying claim to this amazing image of a Cheetah , up in a tree, looking for prey. We followed a family ad them for hours, as they hunted a group of Zebras...to no avail.  @travislogie doesn't care how high your ranked, how slick your latest web edit is , how fat your new contract is , how many insty followers ya got...or how pretty you look in the new mag. He just wants to chew some nails, rattle off lighting speed B-side snaps and rip your guts out. T-Lo... Ret2Go In HB.  @gypsyone in the RVCA Black Haze Jambi top and Maluku Bottom || available at RVCA.com or a store near you || @rvca_womens #rvcaswim
 If you stay ready, you never need to get ready. @gabrielmedina is ready for anything in his #Mirage Aggrotrippin boardshorts and F-Light backpack | #SurfingIsEverything  "A Gentle Collision" by ANP Artist Ed Templeton @tempster_returns || @rvcaskate #artistnetworkprogram #edtempleton  Love this shot of @cocom4debarrelkilla (Mason Ho ) ...always going 110%. Image@riordanpringle  Sandy Beach by @zaknoyle || check out some of Zak's best photos in @redbull's "Who Shot That" article on redbull.com || #sandybeach #zaknoyle #RVCAloha @rvcasurf  Find what you're Searching for this weekend, like @dillonperillo_ and @gabrielmedina | #SurfingIsEverything
 Look@what the cat dragged in... Two for one Ha-wi-ans. @dusty_payne and @kaibarger stopped by , killing time before all the big parties start in HB this weekend.  @greyson_fletcher smith grind at #FDR || photo #BrianGaberman via @transworldskate || @rvcaskate #greysonfletcher  This Friday night, August 1st @blackbull_hb in downtown Huntington Beach …Lost and @arnette (in conjunction with @blisssmag) present "Mason and Burger’s Black Bull Blowout". Doors open at 5 PM and at 8 PM we’re going to have a special sneak peek showing of clips from Mason Ho’s upcoming movie and a live performance from San Clemente’s @tunnelvisionsc. Plus as an extra bonus there’s “Burger’s Mechanical Bull Riding Contest” – ride the mechanical bull for prizes from…Lost + Arnette giveaways. It’s all ages until 10 PM with happy hour drink + food specials during the party. $4 wells, $3 domestic draft beers, $4 imports, $5 house wines, $5 pizzas and appetizers. @cocom4debarrelkilla @burgerinparadise @lostsurfboards #vansusopen #usopenofsurfing #huntingtonbeach #masonho #cheeseburger  Mason Ho blowing out Ballito. @riordanpringle @cocom4debarrelkilla #lostenterprises #masonho #burgerinparadise.com  Cheeseburger canned in Costa. @riordanpringle @burgerinparadise #lostenterprises
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