Locals Only

Published on July 11th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

Locals Only is a short film by Dru Adler, staring his stuntwoman wife Angie Adler who also happens to be a really good surfer! Its a pretty funny but will also make you think twice about dropping in ... Read More



Mali in Bali

Published on June 17th, 2014 | by kiwisurfmag

An oldie but a goodie Malia Manuel shredding though Bali... Read More

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 RVCA Advocate @dinoadrian showing us how it's done in West Australia || photo @tbhphoto || visit the link in our profile to watch Dino @beaufoster & @nate_web find gold in our latest video clip on || @rvcasurf @rvca_aus  @RVCA Advocate @dinoadrian showing us how it's done in West Australia || photo @tbhphoto || @rvcasurf  Maine 'aint so awful.  Tag who you would want to #LiveTheSearch with at this lineup in the comments... Then start planning the trip. #SurfingIsEverything  Come by @pioneersboardshop later today and design your own custom ...Lost board with @mayhemb3_mattbiolos. Every ...Lost board sold (stock or custom) gets $100 off + a free pair of ...Lost boardies. Also other ...Lost goodie giveaways, food and drink. #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards #lostclothing
 Tommy Ihnken grabbing rail in the Garden State. Pic: @ryanmackphoto @mister_tickle_hands #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards  This is why they call it the Dream Tour. @GabrielMedina enjoys the high ceilings on offer at the #billabongprotahiti en route to a Rd. 1 victory. #SurfingIsEverything | photo: @ASP/Kirstin  Take the path less traveled #MyBikini Monday @alanarblanchard | Photo: @davidmandelbergstudio  New ...Lost "Fast Freddie" pullover fleece for Fall '14. #lostenterprises #lostclothing  " Jersey Boyz " @yeah_gordon , @mister_tickle_hands and @nickbuono letting off some steam. Thanks NJ, for Keeping it Un-real.
 Let's take a moment to pause and reflect on @owright's casual closeout tube at Teahupoo yesterday. #SurfingIsEverything #BillabongProTahiti | Photo: @asp / @willhs_i_am  Matt King, the star of Here Today Gone To Cabo, showing his 'O' face. Photo: Trevor Povah. @matt_kinger_king #HereTodayGoneToCabo #lostenterprises  The texts that a shaper gets are pretty always entertaining. Lets play "Guess the Pro " with today's selection from my incoming SMS. The winner gets a pat on the back.  @noraa_eessej dropping his wallet at Lowers.  @christyisemo #lostenterprises #lostsurfboards #lostclothing  so good
 The #RVCA Range 5 Panel Hat in black || shop the Fall 2014 RVCA Hat Collection on or a store near you || #rvca #balanceofopposites  @izzyisup's balancing act.  @aaron_nakamura #LostSurfboards  Alex Knost @knostthankyou morocco cheater 5 || photo @umyeaharts || @rvcasurf #alexknost  The Jersey Shore, looking a lot like a 19th century French Impressionist painting. Shot yesterday, from the now Infamous Casino Pier ( You know, the one with the Roller Coaster that fell in the ocean )  Thanks to #montaukboardridersclub for hosting our girls today, they we're ruling! @mahinaalexander @therealashsmith @michelle_blade @cactusthesaviour @pyramidzz @sydneyreising @yung_oprah @thefader @nylonfader @theagg @refinery29 @meta_porter @dazedmagazine @refinery29 #BABESinMTK #R29BeachHouse @rvca_womens @rvca_womens #rvcawomensaus
 Win $400 in RVCA product. Upload an original photo that you think best describes "The Balance of Opposites" with the hashtag #balanceofoppositescontest & @rvca_aus & @rvca || RVCA Australia will announce the winner on 27/8/14 @christianfletcherlives #electric #dusk #war || @knostthankyou #acoustic #dawn #peace || #VΛ #balanceofopposites  1.5lb Lobster, bucket of Steamer Clams and a big ol' Rum Punch. What a way to end the trip. Thanks @liquiddreamssurf for the local hook up.  You really see it all on the East Coast tours.  RVCA Advocate Ashley Barker @barkerfoto sunset fishing in the Atlantic for @rvca_womens #BABESinMTK #nicecatch #catchandrelease  Mason Ho in South Africa. @riordanpringle @cocom4debarrelkilla #lostenterprises
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