Features Huge shark disrupts Margaret River Pro warmup session

Published on April 10th, 2016 | by kiwisurfmag


Huge shark disrupts Margaret River Pro warmup session

Shark Updates

Large shark jolts several WSL Championship Tour surfers

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 April, 2016 – The lineup for yesterday’s warm-up session at the Margaret River Pro included Jeremy Flores, Caio Ibelli, Alessa Quizon, Kanoa Igarashi and one very large shark.

While waiting for a set the crew of pros watched in amazement as an estimated 15 footer swim through the lineup. The shark was so huge that American surfer Kanoa Igarashi thought it was a submarine.

“I’ve seen this fin emerge out of the water it looked like a submarine, the fin just kept growing,’ Igarashi told Stabmag “I reckon the shark was about a 15 footer.”

“I thought there was a dolphin next to the shark but it was a tail fin, it was like seven or eight feet away from the main fin,” Igarashi continued.

Igarashi said everyone was panicking and scrambling to get out to the water as fast as possible.

The surfers reported that earlier, the brother of CT surfer Wiggolly Dantas had whistled and tried to warn people about the shark but that no one heard him.

The WSL announced they will be using two skis, each fitted with sonar tracking devices, monitors and lights to scan for sharks at the Margaret event this year.

“For this event the WSL has partnered with Surfing WA and Balconi (Perth based communications company) to develop a new prototype technology for underwater surveillance,” WSL Spokesperson Dave Prodan told ABC.Net.

However, Bond University shark expert Daryl McPhee told Yahoo! News Australia that the methods used by the WSL had had little-to-no independent scientific analysis.

“The surf community tends to work more on fads than science and if we’re going to protect surfers we need to focus more on science,” Professor McPhee said.

The WSL is also halting waterphotography, a relief to Kelly Cestari who was left swimming alone right after Mick Fanning’s shark enounter last year at JBay. This year all water shots will be taken from the back of Jetskis.

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